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About Us

Mod Kham was born in Wichinanburi, a small, farming village in Phetchabun City, Thailand in 1981. She is the youngest of six children. Mod knew at a very early age that she wanted to be a fashion designer. She helped her sister out at her tailor shop and learned how to sew by age nine. Frustrated by a lack of wardrobe for her many dolls, Mod began designing and sewing outfits that could fit an array of them with the leftover fabrics from the shop. By the end of the year, she was apprenticing at her sister’s tailor shop and selling her doll apparel to all her classmates.

Over the next decade, Mod honed her technical skills as a master tailor and transitioned into designing womenswear. In 2004, she moved to Los Angeles to expand her line as well as broaden her visibility. Her first signature women’s collection launched in 2007 to rave reviews. Stylish, versatile designs, impeccable tailoring, and sensuous, vibrant fabrics typify Mod Kham’s collections, making it well suited for a night on the town or daily routines. Mod controls every aspect of her clothing line from handpicking fabrics to designing and sewing each individual dress and top. This allows her clients access to the most unique and affordable pieces.

Mod’s philosophy is an integral part of her collection and has never wavered from her childhood. “Women come in all different shapes and sizes. My designs accentuate the shape and curves of a woman while still remaining elegant. I want women to feel confident and comfortable so their inner beauty can shine through.” From fluid to fitted, Mod’s focus is ensuring a shape that flatters every female silhouette.